Dynamite Beard Wax 15g tin

Dynamite Beard Wax 15g tin
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This is a unique product, Dynamite Beard Wax is especially developed and tested as a wax to be used in you beard. The wax delivers volume to you beard by holding you hair outwards rather than against you face. The wax is soft enough to spread through your beard easily but hard enough to style a goaty or moustache.

Beard wax will deliver a bushier and more fuller beard, it also holds hair away from your mouth and neatens you side burns.


1) Rub on your fingers to soften.

2) Rub through your beard against the natural run or you hair to achieve a bushy beard, or run with the hair to tidy.

3) The wax first appears blue-green when applied but once smoothed it will turn clear. Keep rubbing until clear.

4) Add a larger amount to style a goaty or moustache.

All of the moustache waxes we sell are guaranteed to the highest standards, please click on products to view the whole range of these fine moustache waxes. Our range includes the brand new Dynamite moustache wax which is so hard that you have to light a fuse to burn the wax and soften it before application.



Mineral oil


Microcrystaline wax


Coconut oil

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