Mohawk Original Moustache Wax 15ml tin

Mohawk Original Moustache Wax 15ml tin
Brand: Mohawk
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Mohawk Original Moustache Wax -This is a medium to soft moustache wax, take a look at Mohawk Hardened for a hard moustache wax.

     Choose Mohawk Moustache Wax:
     • Specifically designed as a moustache styling wax
     • Natural ingredients
     • Soft texture - ready to use straight out of tin
     • Virtually scent free
     • Money back satisfaction guaranteed

Achieve ultimate style and manipulation with Mohawk Moustache  Wax – the wax designed specifically for moustache styling. Containing natural  ingredients including beeswax in a secret formula especially developed for  moustache grooming, Mohawk, is sticky but not  soapy, it has low scent and is soft enough to apply directly from the tin. We're  convinced you will be delighted with your Mohawk Moustache Wax but if you're  not, we will give a full refund- that's our satisfaction guarantee.



Mineral oil


Microcrystaline wax


Coconut oil


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