Moustache styles

The French Moustache is for experienced moustache growers. This style requires a really hard wax or gel to achieve the curls. The main moustache may be groomed using a medium strength wax. We recommend using, Mohawk hardened moustache wax throughout, and curling the ends with either Dynamite moustache wax, Mohawk moustache gel or Dynamite BeezSqueeze. The Horseshoe is an excellent style for beginners. The moustache should be oiled daily to condition the long hairs and the skin. Dynamite Beard Oil should be used for this. Mohawk Moustache wax is the perfect soft wax to help control and shape this moustache style..
The Twizzle is most minimal. For this style only the hardest wax will cut it, in warm condition you should resort to a gel. This style is purely for professionals and is definitely a crowd pleaser. In the winter BeezSqueeze is an excellent option. The Whisker is easier than the Twizzle, French or Chopstick to achieve  but is the next stage on from The Handle Bar. A combination of a softer wax in the middle, e.g. Mohawk Original and a really hard wax or Gel on the ends. Naturally Dynamite Moustache Wax or Mohawk Gel is perfect.
The Handle Bar must be the most iconic moustache style going and is very easy to achieve. We recommend using Dynamite Beard Oil to protect your skin underneath and to condition the hair on your lip. A soft wax like Mohawk Original is the perfect wax for the main moustache, resorting to Hardened in hotter weather. Perhaps using Mohawk Hardened, BeezSqueeze or Mohawk Gel at the ends to curl. The Chopstick Moustache is another advanced moustache style, this time the ends are erect rather than curled and the centre part of the moustache is minimal. An extreme wax such as Dynamite Moustache wax should be used or Mohawk Moustache Gel. Mohawk Hardened can be used in cooler weather.